An exchange gives you the unique opportunity to explore another country and another culture.

In order to be well prepared and not to be negatively surprised by cultural changes and different behaviours, we strongly recommend you to get well informed about the place you will go to (not only the university but also the culture and the local situation). Be open to everything might be different from home (food, language, newspapers, way to life, public transportation, timetables, shop opening hours, and so on).


Switzerland, a Nation of Consensus

In contrast to many other countries Switzerland is not a homogenous ethnic group but a nation of consensus.

It consists of four main ethnic groups; each group dominates a specific part of Switzerland. Therefore not every official language is spoken in all parts of Switzerland and also the culture is very different from the South ( Italian) to the North (German) and from the West (French) to the East (Rumantschs). As th different cultures have been living together in the some country for centuries, they are not in their pure form anymore!