Living in Switzerland


As you might notice at first, everything tends to run smoothly. Welcome to Switzerland, where everything is managed like clockwork! This is one of the best things that you will figure out about Switzerland, as everyone is punctual and the services do provide a high quality service. But of course, this has a cost, and Swiss people tend to have the attitude of wanting to pay more for a better quality service, so expect to be quite shocked at the cost of moving inside Switzerland by train!

Obviously, do not hesitate to ask around. People usually speak english, especially those at information points or shops. 

The front of the station looks like this:

The Swiss train company is called SBB and the specialised bus company for Fribourg is called TPF. They will provide you with further informations about products and services . Of course, it is best if you figure out beforehand where your apartment is before coming to Fribourg, but you can always ask us for some help before actually arriving in here. 

Also, the university of Fribourg is made out of various departments, here is a map to help you out.


You can get a free Prepaid SIM Card at the ESN Office. Just pass by with an identity document to register and profit from cheap international rates from Lyca mobile.