Switzerland is a country of history with several beautiful castles dating back to the Middle Age. One of them, the Gruyères Castle, is right next around the corner and waiting for us. It’s nestled on top of a hill and overlooks the charming little village Gruyères. So come with us to visit the castle and stroll through the cobble stone streets of the town. 

Did you also know that in a year, the Swiss eat the most chocolate per person in the world? If you want to know why we are so addicted to chocolate, come with us to Cailler to discover the history of Chocolate and of the factory itself. As a special treat, we will also be able to taste some chocolate at the end of the visit, so if the castle and the town of Gruyères didn’t already convince you, don’t hesitate to join us for the chocolate and sign up.

WHAT: Trip to Gruyères with Castle and Chocolate factory visit.

WHEN: Saturday, 30th of October

MEETING POINT : 10:45 at Fribourg train station


  • 15 CHF with ESN card + GA
  • 18 CHF without ESN card + GA
  • 20 CHF with ESN card
  • 23 CHF without ESN card


WHAT TO BRING: Please bring a picnic from Fribourg with you, since we will eat lunch in Gruyères

REGISTRATION and PAYMENT: At our office, during office hours and until Wednesday the 27th of October, or online registration.

COVID MEASURES: Don’t forget to bring your mask, your covid-certificate and your ID, or else you won’t be able to come in and taste the chocolate.

30/10/2021 - 10:45
Meeting Point: 
10:45 Train Station
20 CHF with ESN card | 23 CHF without ESN card