WHEN : Wednesday 8 December 2021
In a team of 2 people, you will spend 1 evening going around the city to eat a 3-course dinner: First a starter then a main, and then a dessert in 3 different locations, at the homes of the other teams.
1 of 3 locations will be you or you team partner's place, where you will host and serve one meal for 2 visiting teams, so for 4 or more people in total.
ORGANISATION : Your team must consist of two people. You only need to fill out the form once as a team. Please make sure you fill out all questions correctly and check for any mistakes.
- Appetizer 18h00
- Main course 19h30
- Dessert 21h00
- Afterparty 22h30 - 4h00
The theme of the night will be: "Run far but local", which means: give it a local touch!
Local can be from Fribourg or even from Switzerland. Be creative by either choosing local ingredients, local recipes, local decoration, local music or local disguise.
If you have Twint, you can use the QR Code in the end of the form & pay directly.
If not, you can still fill out the form, and then contact us (Laura.Wiedmann@aiesec.net
Sofia.Michel3@aiesec.net) and come to our office to pay in person (Boulevard de PĂ©rolles 90, Room F020)
- 1) If you sign up for cooking and afterparty (Mythic Club) at the beginning, then you are both registered for it.
- 2) The address where you cook and receive people must be within the map that you see below. If the address is outside the map, unfortunately, we cannot accept the registration because the address is too far outside and it will take too long to reach you there.
- 3) The costs are 5 CHF per person for "cooking only" and 8 CHF per person for "cooking with after-party".
(Remark: For AIESEC &ESN members: 3 CHF "cooking only", 5 CHF "cooking and after-party. Dear ESN-members, please bring your membership card & pay physically at one of our stands)
08/12/2021 - 18:00