One of the silliest thoughts that can come across people’s mind is that their knowledge about the world is sufficient and it is unnecessary for them to learn further. We think that this is a terrible mistake and if you agree with us on that, then it would be much better for you to come to the Cultural Café. The next one will be about the United States, a country that had the most important impact on recent history with its victories in World War II and in the Cold War. It is also the world’s largest economy and has the most powerful military. In addition to all of that, the country is incredibly beautiful whether we’re talking about its shining cities or its gorgeous nature. This is not even the whole story, there’s more !
Therefore, you should come to the fourth and last cultural café of this semester. We’re looking forward to seeing you again at the Restaurant Pizzeria Mirabeau and, as we’ve said, you don’t need to bring anything apart from your eagerness to learn and your good mood!
07/12/2021 - 19:30