Do you want to know more about the world ? Are you interested in increasing your knowledge about different cultures and people ?
If that’s the case, you really need to come to the Cultural Cafe! The second cultural cafe of this semester will be about Romania. The land of Carpathian Mountains, Danube Delta and a beautiful landscape... Do you want to know why Romania is the only nation in East Europe that speaks a Latin based language? To find out who is The Master of the Pan Flute? Or maybe why Transylvania is the home of Dracula? Or do you just want to taste some romanian food ? Then come to our Cultural Cafe to discover this beautiful country!
We are really looking forward to seeing you there! 
WHAT: Cultural Cafe about Romania
WHEN: 4 april at 20:00
WHERE: Centre Fries
PRICE: Free just money for your drink (only cash please!) 
WHAT TO BRING: Your good mood 
REGISTRATION: No registration requested

04/04/2022 - 20:00