What is an ESNCard?

An ESN Card is a card that is sold by ESN Fribourg and any other ESN section that will allow you to benefit from certain discounts at bars, pubs, or local stores but also on ESN events. The card costs only 10 CHF and is available at our office in MIS 3010. Do not forget to bring a pass photo with you as we will set up the ESNCard immediately. Also, register your ESNCard on the ESNCard website.

What discounts are there?

Have a look at the ESNCard website and find deals around in Fribourg!

How long does an ESNCard last?

The ESNCard is valid one year from the time of the purchase.

Can I get discounts somewhere else than in Fribourg with the ESNCard?

Yes, of course! This card is meant to be used wherever there are ESN sections in Switzerland or in the 38 other ESN countries. So if you're travelling, make sure to have it with you and visit the ESNCard website to check where there are interesting deals available!