Swiss Do and Dont's

In Switzerland (as everywhere) there are dos and dont's. The following hints should help you to get easily along.


Do not..

... speak loudly in public

... start the meal until the host's firtst toast

... put your hands in pockets or chew gum while talking to people

...  ask personal questions, such as salary, age, or religion, unless you know the person very well

... adress someone by their first name

... smack, burp or fart loudly in public



... respect the Swiss greeting with three kisses on the (left-right-left) cheek (man-woman/ woman-woman) respectively a strong handshake (man-man)

... separate rubbish, help to recycle and use the many waste bins

... bring either a small gift to your host or do ask them to bring the dessert

...  tip waiters, hair dressers and cab drivers

... always be punctual (exactly on time)

... keep both hands on the table during a meal

... stop drinking and eating as you think best