Meeting other cultures and people

This is of course a life changer, for a lot of ESNers that haven't been abroad. The discovery of how enriching the contact with other cultures is is often neglected amongst local students. We do believe that other than partying together, the simple dialogue can lead to friendships or relationships, while also pushing students out of their comfort zone, which is a focal point to us.

Joining a family

First of all, joining ESN is like joining a family that is always open to accept new members. Since we have nearly all been on exchange, we understand the value and got transformed by our experience abroad. If you meet us, do not hesitate to talk to us, because even though we might seem busy, we are always available for any kind of discussion, because we love to meet new people as well!

Also, this is just a small part of the amazing people you can discover in ESN. With its 441 local sections and its 13'500 volunteers across Europe, it is one of the biggest inter-disciplinary organisation in Europe. The only thing we can tell you is that you need to dive into ESN to really understand how valuable our volunteers are. No matter where we are or what we do, we share a common opinion on mobility and youth, friendship and tolerance.

Organisation of events

This is one of the main things you can learn when you join ESN Fribourg. We organize events and we do it well, and you can learn a lot for yourself as well, and use it in the professional world afterwards. Some very dedicated ESNers did actually change their carreer plans and land in the event organisation for companies: this gives you opportunities!

But organizing events is not only about being organized, it also boosts self-confidence, initiative-taking and independence. Yes, it is a package, and the more open you are to learn, the more you will learn.

Learn english, german and french

This is about one of the most concrete things that you will be able to learn in ESN. Considering you will have to deal first with the exchange students, but also with other team members that will speak in their own native language, the basics of english, german and french will soon be easy to access.

Not only do you not need to put that much effort in language courses (well, they help you get there even faster though), but you will also be able to do this in a very natural manner.

Discover open-minded and amazing people

ESN is full of people that are eager to learn from other people's experiences, their talents and their failures, and stories. If you have travelled the world as well, you will feel very comfortable in ESN, especially once you start knowing the network as well!

Position-specific skills

ESN has a way of functioning that can lead to very specific skills, if you are up for a certain position and invest time in it. From leadership (president) to communication channels (communication manager), professionalism (partnership manager) to accounting (treasurer), and from teambuilding (Vice-President) to strategic network development (Local Representative)

This is not even mentioning the tons of other positions there exist in ESN on a broad scale: we have a very complex structure that helps us develop the network in a very democratic, yet very effective way. Want to know more? Head to the ESN Switzerland website or ESN International website