Accomodation is quite easy to find in Fribourg, but that does not mean we should not give you no advice as to where to look for rooms, right?

Student residences

There are several student residences that you can check, for instance:

- Student home :

- Cité St-Justin:

-Foyer Beauséjour :


Student residences to avoid at all costs:

-COMPLEXEtudiant, Avenue de Beauregard 5: this is one of the worst student residences one can experience. The lady taking care of the residence is very annoying and not helpful at all, the rooms are very small and the ambiance is just awful. Do NOT fall into this trap and cancel any contract you would have made with them in advance.

Shared apartments

You can find quite some informations on the following websites:

UNIFR Agef :

UNIFR Apartis:

Students CH:



Also check out different Facebook groups as Fribourg Erasmus or Students Fribourg.