WHAT: Weekend in Valais
WHEN: Saturday 29. April until Sunday 30. April
PRICE: 155 CHF (without Half-fare, no ESN Card), 150 CHF (with Half-fare, ESN Card), 75 CHF (with Half-fare, no ESN Card), 70 CHF (with Half-fare, ESN card)
WHAT TO BRING: Picknick for lunch on Saturday, sleeping bag, good shoes, things to go swimming 
MEETING POINT: 06:40 inside the train station 
REGISTRATION: At our office (during the office hours) until Wednesday 26. April 

Valais truly is one of the nicest regions in Switzerland. With its impressive mountains, mysterious forests, great weather and its fascination traditions it is the perfect spot to spend a weekend. That’s why we offer you a two-day trip full of pure-swissness and culture: We will start our trip by baking a very traditional and delicious bread known as “Roggenbrot”. This is a very special opportunity for you, as the breadmaking is an exclusive procedure only practiced by some people of the village. After that we will have a first glimpse into the beautiful nature by having a small walk on the Hauts de Verasse and a Picknick at Château de Mercier. We will spend the afternoon at the Lakeside of Lake Geronde, where you can take a swim or just enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. We will then return to Muraz and sleep in a bunker. And this truly is a very swiss experience. 

On Sunday we will go to Val d’Herrens and see the combat des reines. “What the hell is Combat des reines?” you might think. Well.. it’s a traditional event where cow fight against each other. No worries, it’s a total natural behaviour and no animals are hurt – but it’s very impressive to watch. To finish this amazing weekend, we will have a small hike in the mountains and then return to Fribourg. 

- 06:40 Meeting point inside the Fribourg train station 
- 09:15 arriving at Muraz 
- Backing of the traditional “Roggenbrot” 
- Walk on the Hauts de Verasse
- Picknick at Château de Mercier 
- Enjoying the afternoon at Lake Geronde 
- Sleeping in a Bunker
- Combat des reines at Val d’Herrens 
- Small Hike in the mountains
- Going back to Fribourg 

Prices depend on your SBB half-fare/ ESN card combination and includes transport, breakfast on Sunday, accommodation and our program. 
- 155 CHF (without Half-fare, no ESN Card)
- 150 CHF (without Half-fare, ESN Card)
- 75 CHF (with Half-fare, no ESN Card)
- 70 CHF (with Half-fare, ESN card)
You only need to bring a picknick for lunch on Saturday, a sleeping bag, good shoes, things to go swimming and clothes/hygiene products. Registration starts tomorrow at our office (during the office hours) and is open until Wednesday 26.April. Spots are limited!

See you, 
Your ESN Team

29/04/2017 - 06:45 to 30/04/2017 - 19:00