WHAT: A Visit to Schwarzsee + Fondue
WHEN: Saturday 11th March
PRICE: 25 CHF without half fare + no ESN card, 12 CHF half fare + ESN card, 23 CHF without half fare + ESN card, 10 CHF half fare + ESN card
WHAT TO BRING: water/something to drink, plastic bag, gloves 
MEETING POINT: 10:45 inside the train station 
REGISTRATION: At our office (during the office hours) until Wednesday 8th March

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! If you decided to do your Erasmus stay in Switzerland, you surely had the mountains and snow in mind. That’s why we decided to do a snow day in the nearby region of Schwarzsee. 

We will meet at the train station at 10:45 and take the bus to Schwarzsee. There, we will walk around the lake and look for a nice place to eat Fondue together. It will be around 13:00/13:00 so don’t show up too hungry. But Fondue is something you need to try, so where would it be better than in the snow? That combined with some mountains in the background will truly be one of the most swiss pictures you will take during your stay ;) Afterwards we will let you enjoy the snow. You can do whatever you want: sledge (that’s why you should bring a robust plastic bag), build a snowman (that’s what the gloves are for), do a snowball fight, etc. Of course we cannot guarantee for the weather and snow, but we are pretty sure it will still be there. Afterwards we can have a drink at the Afterski-Bar and then we will return to Fribourg (time depending on you). 

The trip will cost you depending on your SBB and ESN card and includes the fondue and bus ticket: (You can buy the ESN card at our office for 5 CHF which will give you discounts on our activities and on international level) 
- 25 CHF without half fare + no ESN card
- 12 CHF with half fare + ESN card
- 23 CHF without half fare + ESN card
- 10 CHF with half fare + ESN card
You have to pass by at our office MIS 3010 (during our office hours) to register and pay for this trip. Registration is open until Wednesday 8th March, spots are limited. 

Looking forward to it, 
Your ESN Team

11/03/2017 - 10:45