Have you ever heard of the gorgeous city called Lucerne? Have you ever felt like going on a trip with over 190 other students from all over the world? Then don’t miss this year’s Lucerne Trip!

A city with only 80,000 inhabitants, Lucerne’s vast amount of visitors and tourists may come as a surprise at first (punches way above its weight in terms of visitor appeal and number of tourists). However, its visitor appeal is due to its picture-perfect location right at Lake Lucerne, surrounded by snow-covered mountains, which give it a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. As well as a very well-preserved historical town centre, there are old town squares, intriguing churches and one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe. Doesn’t this sound like a must-see destination?!
You have the chance to visit all of these places and its beautiful surrounding nature at this year’s ESN Switzerland Lucerne trip!

Right after your arrival on Saturday, you will have the chance to get to know all the important sights of the city through a brief, guided tour. On this tour you will, for example, cross over the 14th-century wooden bridge known as the “Kapellbrücke” and you will visit the Lion Monument, a 10-metre-long statue of a dying lion carved out of a rock. After a short lunch break we will continue to our hostel, where we will have a privately organized surprise concert. After the concert you will have a little free time until dinner. After some pre-drinks we will head to one of the biggest clubs in Lucerne.

On Sunday after breakfast, we will check out of the hostel. Then you will have to chance to go on excursion:

“Verkehrshaus”: The Verkehrshaus, is the biggest museum of transport and deservedly Switzerland’s most popular museum. It exhibits, among other things, steam locomotives, aeroplanes and vintage cars, hosts flight simulators, broadcasting studios and a walkable 1:20,000-scale map of Switzerland. The museum also shelters a planetarium, Switzerland’s largest 3D cinema and a Swiss Chocolate adventure, a 20-minute ride that whirls visitors through multimedia exhibits on the origins, history, production and distribution of chocolate.

After reading all of this, do you feel like visiting Lucerne? If yes, then don’t miss joining this year’s Lucerne Trip!

This trip is limited to 20 participants only! On the 16th of October we will post a doodle where you can register for it. Additionally, we will mention time and place where you can come by and pay directly for the trip.
Please remember to FIRST register via doodle and THEN meet us at the announced place to pay.
This is to avoid registrations which then will not be paid, so it will be fair for all of us! :)

Price: 117.- per person.

We are looking forward to an unforgettable weekend! :D

11/11/2017 to 12/11/2017