WHAT: A Visit of the traditional Alpabzug/ Désalpe in Plaffeien
WHEN: Saturday, 23. September
MEETING POINT: 8:30 inside the train station
WHAT TO BRING: Lunch (or buy it there), camera
PRICE: 15 CHF without half fare 8 CHF with half fare and 2 CHF reduction for those who have the ESN card
REGISTRATION: Tuesday 19. September and friday 22.September at our office (during the office hours

Visit a really regional tradition with ESN: The Alpabzug/ Désalpe in Plaffeien. After four months in the mountains, the cows have to be taken back to the barn to spend the winter there. For this occasion, the farmers dress up and the cows are decorated in a very festive way. We will go and watch the parade but you will also find regional products, music and culinary delicacies.

Meeting point is inside the station at 8:30. Don't be late, we have to catch a bus!

It will cost you 15 CHF or 8 CHF, depending if you have the half fare. 2 CHF reduction for ESN Card holders. Bring something for lunch or buy it there. Registration starts in the first week of the semester and is open until Friday 22. September (13:00).

If you want to have a traditional Swiss experience and postcard picture you should join us!
See you, 
Your ESN team

LINK : https://www.fribourgregion.ch/en/P7152

23/09/2017 - 08:30